So, Who Is Alyn Davies Dip,Hyp. Adv,Hyp.Cert,Hyp,Dip,Psyth cch. International


Perth Aus & UK

Hi and Welcome to my website. Look at the letters behind my name, quite impressive some may say but... Its ok filling the office with certs and diplomas etc detailing different quals, the main question is, does this guy know his stuff, and can he help ME,  It's always helpful when considering Hypnotherapy to know a little about any therapist you may want to consult, so here is a little information about me. Firstly,  I studied traditional hypnosis in the UK many years ago having an interest in the human behaviour, different courses i undertook though nothing spectacular at the time but I knew I could do better, after moving to Perth a chance meeting with Rick Collingwood swiftly propelled me to where I knew I needed to be. I was trained by, and then worked for, Rick Collingwood, who is known as Australia's foremost hypnotist. Rick travels the globe providing personal consultations, whilst also operating hypnotherapist training schools in some of Australia's major cities. I consider myself extemely fortunate to have worked so closely alongside Rick, since meeting we have developed both a great personal and professional relationship. I began consulting from an office in Perth, Western Australia, and due to the extensive media coverage given to Rick's Mindmotivations Group, I quickly became established as a clinical Hypnotherapist.

I have since, studied and completed a cert in Psychotherapy and studied psychology for 2 years

at college in the UK gaining  qualifications in psychology Health, and Criminal  modules

giving me some interesting insight into the human mind

My clients included, politicians, sportsmen, doctors, office workers, tradesmen, Vietnam veterans, Homemakers, in fact people from all walks of life. I gained experience with a multitude of issues, successfully supporting those suffering, depression, self esteem, and stress together with the more traditional problems of weight control and smoking. I am also able to provide corporate group sessions for common workplace issues such as stress. I have had particularly encouraging results with clients suffering long term illness such as Cancer. Almost ANY issue can be safely and effectively treated with Hypnosis. Although my main client base is in Portsmouth Uk and Perth W.A.,my work has also taken me to Switzerland and Germany in recent times. I enjoy the fact that many of my clients remain in regular contact, keeping me updated on how their lives are progressing. The work I do, and the human mind never fails to amaze me, I study many forms of hypnosis. You will find me easily approachable and easy to talk to. Sessions are laid back and very enjoyable. I am based in Woodvale in the northern burbs of Perth at present. If you need to know more, please call me for an informal chat.Mob: 0435615688 E-mail: Alternatively please use the contact

t form. Alyn Davies DipHyp,DipPsyth,AdvCertHyp,CertHyp