TRY a Few searches on how Hypnotherapy complements traditional treatments,

Hypnosis was used before anaesthetic became widespread



Search   Hypnosis used in surgery!

             watch some videoes of actual operations carried out without the need for anaesthetic

            and feel assured you are getting effective treatment


Yes it DOES, In Fact it is a very powerful process which you can use to effect positive changes to your life.



Hypnosis is not something you believe in or dont believe in, its a scientific fact underpinned by a huge ever increasing collection of evidence supporting its effectiveness. Like every other treatment I cannot and will not say 100%, but if you are willing to make the effort and put in the time I can help you quickly notice beneficial changes.

The main problem is that people misunderstand hypnosis, probably due to the way it is portayed as a method to make people do 'funny things'. I have yet to see someone become a chicken!..

In a theraputic setting hypnosis is used as a tool to put you back in control of your life and to achieve amazing results. I always relate to people the stories where a person or child has been trapped under a car or some other heavy object where the trolly jack has failed, another memeber of the family suddenly has the strength to lift the car off that person. This strength has always been there and with the concentrated effort it was used to help someone, we read this all the time. I tap into that strength we have to make effective positive changes

 It is a tool that once applied by a qualified therapist can help you achieve just about any goal you set your mind to. Together we will set out your aims and goals and quickly get to plan a way to get you there as quickly as possible. with a great expectation of success.

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