Hypnotherapy, The Safe & Natural Solution

Perth Western Australia.



Have you ever been involved with a task that you have lost all track of time?, or driven from one place to another and arrived safely yet you cannot remember the journey? Daydreamed? Forget the largely misunderstood depiction of hypnosis seen on TV and Movies, The least you can expect from a session of hypnosis is a feeling of enjoyment and the benefits of knowing you have made the effort to do something about the issue.

These are everyday examples of hypnosis.

 Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, one that can be used for self help, a natural state that occurs between awake and natural biological sleep. In my clinical setting hypnosis is usually accompanied by a pleasant state of relaxation, this itself beneficial. Hypnotherapy is a cognitive therapy ( talking )

and aims to change the way you think either about yourself or a troublesome issue. At some time in our lives we all have these issues which, if left untreated can bloom into a full scale problem.

The term HYPNOTHERAPY' means the use of hypnosis to apply treatment and relief of psychological and physical symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and natural therapy. There are no harmful side effects when administered by a suitabley qualified and skilled professional therapist such as myself

My clients include doctors, nurses psychologists consultants, military personnel ( inc vietnam vets Australia ) police officers. people from all walks of life.

Each person is entitled to and receives complete confidentiality.



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