'So, How many sessions will I require?' 'Where are the sessions held?'

Its impossible to give an exact answer to this as each person is unique and

everyones needs are different. I always insist on a course minimum of 3

sessions spread out over 3 weeks, this gives the chance for results to quickly

 be noticed between sessions and you are set to making time to meet your

commitment Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, we work together to

overcome your personal issue, hypnosis is not an instant miracle. Having

said that it is a rapid intervention and hypnosis can help you to feel

remarkably better in a very short time, benefits will be felt after the first

session. As I say, I recommend you commit to 3 sessions initially after that

 the options of a further 2 are there for you then a short break and we can

discuss any further way forward. many clients feel 3-5 is enough, others

return and have a monthly session to just 'unclutter the mind'. clinics to be


Joondalup area will be at The Woodvale Natural Therapy Centre in Trappers

 Drive Woodvale. on Mondays & Thursdays


Tuesdays and Fridays will be at the Yokine Wellness Centre

192a Flinders St, Yokine Wa 6060




We All have one life, make it a good one and live outside

 the box a litte,

So whats next?. The First step is always the most difficult

You have to pick up the phone and contact me, I cannot do 

that for you. You are not obligated in any way

Once you have made that call you'll already feel better and

 we can begin . You will find me very approachable and

laid back, and believe me, Your issue is not unique, and be

and be assured you are in good hands and you will look

back in the near future and remember your time with me  

as a turning point in your life.........Alyn





'If you are going through hell, keep going'

winston churchill.