Some things to ask, look for when deciding who to choose as your Therapist

Its is always difficult to decide on which therapist suits your

requirements, so here is a basic guide, which may help you choose.

When contacting a therapist ask about qualifications, where were they

 trained and by whom? It is also a good idea to ask if they belong to any

professional Hypnotherapy Associations. These Associations often ask

for evidence of training, which is required to be of a certain standard

 before allowing the therapist to become a registered member members also adhere

 to a code of practice and undergo continuous training. Ask if

they can assist with your particular issue. A good therapist, if not sure

 about a certain issue, will refer you to a suitably alternative therapist

 or consultant, if they consider this to be appropriate to your needs. Choose to have

an initial consultation, which may mean a small charge

 is incurred, but this will give you the opportunity to assess how you

feeel with the therapist, without obligation. Be honest about your issue,

 any therapist must abide by a code of confidentiality in all cases.

Higher fees do not nessessarily mean a better quality of therapist so do

your research thoroughly. Some of the best recommendations are by

 'word of mouth'. So, call me for a chat or leave a message and I'll call

 you back. That one call can make all the difference. Alyn Davies

Dip,Hyp. AdvHyp CertHyp.DipPsthy Mob: 0435615688 E-mail: Alternatively please use the contact form.



'He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, He who never asks is a fool for a lifetime'