Want To Give Up That Old fashion worn out Habit?

Stopping Smoking is one of the most common reasons for coming to see a hypnotherapist and one of the best known uses of hypnosis.

My success rates with quitting the habit are high and of course Hypnotherapy is a very positive way to give up smoking.

 Its crucial that YOU are committed to stopping and really want to achieve the aim of becoming a non-smoker. I will be able to make it much easier for you and give you the strength to give it up but the decision to stop must come from YOU. Of course we will work together to get this habit out of you

show your commitment, and dont expect to come in for a 2hr session and all is cured, see me for a course of between 3-5 sessions, it will mean keeping weekly appts but will show just how committed

and serious about giving up you are. You chose to smoke, Now choose to stop.

Think you cannot afford therapy??. How much does this outdated habit cost you financially and healthwise?

The reasons that hypnosis is so helpful in helping people from all walks of life give up the dreaded habit and become a permanent non-smoker is  that it addresses the sub-conscious reasons for smoking in the first place.

  • Deep ingrained habits formed years ago,
  • The fear of stopping, and how difficult it may seem
  • Psychological triggers for lighting up, stress,excitement,boredom, nerves etc
  • Associations with certain places,situations and people. ( do you smoke with friends just to feel one of the crowd)

Hypnosis can help you become a permanent non-smoker, making the process easier.

You can look forward to all the benefits of being a non-smoker, Free of the habit, smelling and feeling fresher no feelings of guilt or anxiety, more money in your pocket, confidence and of course all the extra healthy benefits for your body, more energy, and a healthier outlook on life.

 Want to give it up?

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