Can Children undergo Hypnosis Safely?

Children have a superb imagination and the use of hypnosis with children is very successful. I have seen many children over the years for many issues

 ( no younger than 9yrs old ). and I have several thank you cards and gifts.

An example was ( charlie not real name ) in the UK, everytime time the family boarded an aircraft Charlie caused uproar with screaming, panic attacks and eventually the family were asked to leave the aircraft resulting in no vacation, this happened several times meaning he was not able to go with the family on their annual vacation and either stayed with his gran or the family took their hols in the UK. 

After 4 sessions with myself with his Mother present and timed so the session ended 1 week before a flight, I felt Charlie was ready. 2 weeks later I received 2 postcards from Spain from Charlie, one about the great time he was having and on the other card details I had asked him for on the flight. The parents of course were overjoyed, although his mother called again a few months later to say they were off to Disneyworld and they now had to pay an extra £800 to include Charlie who enjoyed every ride he could get on in Florida.



( Not suitable for children who are epileptic )